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Outcome driven

We believe in the success of your business. That’s why we are ready to share the risks and rewards with you through

our “outcome driven engagement model”. We work with you to identify measurable outcomes of the engagement and our fee will be based on these outcomes. The parameters of these outcomes could be transactions, downloads, consumer engagements, revenue, support tickets and/or any other clearly measurable results. This will help you to share the risks and rewards with us thereby reducing upfront costs, improving quality and ensuring long term commitment.

People driven

Would you like to leverage the business and technical knowledge acquired by the team? Our people driven

engagement model would help you do just that. Now you could retain a set of dedicated team members to work on multiple projects and assignments of yours. The time and cost you invest in transferring knowledge to the team will be leveraged across all your projects thereby increasing the quality, reducing the overall cost and simply giving you the comfort of working with the same and known team.

Solution driven

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Wondering how to integrate prominent social networks, cloud enabling your app or even Oracle / SAP

integration? We have got packaged solutions for most commonly required integration and solution requirements across business and consumer apps.Our packaged solution offerings gives you clear visibility on the cost and timelines for integrating such solutions within you app.

Project driven

Got a clearly defined project and budget? Would you like to ensure that your project stays within the budget? Our

project driven engagement model would be ideal model for you. We work with you to understand the project requirements, scope, timelines and budget. We propose a fixed fee for executing the project and deliver it within the timeline. You are completely protected from any project cost overruns, at the same time you get your project delivered on time meeting your stringent quality requirements.

Task driven

Got specific tasks such as an extension to the existing app or fixing specific issues. We are happy to assist you in

getting these tasks done efficiently without having to go through full project driven models. Since we will bill you by the hour and execute specific tasks, you will be able to save overall costs and still get your enhancement or fixes done effectively within time.

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