Concept to market

Have an idea?
We understand that taking a concept through various stages of the engineering lifecycle and making a successful mobile application can be very challenging. …more

Application management

Got your mobile apps deployed?
Managing the apps after they hit the market can be a daunting task and it may keep your resources occupied in supporting and maintaining rather than producing newer and more innovative apps.…more

Strategy to execution

Got a successful enterprise or consumer web application and need help in defining your android strategy?
With rapidly changing mobile landscape, consumer priorities, and social cloud technology, it can be very challenging to define your mobile strategy and execute it.…more

Re-engineering & porting

Being an open source platform, having multiple device manufactures, with many versions of operating system and multiple form factors including smartphones and tablets, migrating your application to android,iPhone,blackberry can throw up critical challenges.…more

Verification & validation

Once you have conceptualized and built your app, the next biggest task would be ensuring that the app behaves exactly the way you intended it to – on different devices, in different OS versions, in different form factors and in different data connection environments.…more

Consumer engagement lifecycle

We understand what it takes to create and sustain a successful app in the market. As the mobile app market is heating up with intense competition, your customer acquisition and retention costs are likely to go up substantially. Our consumer engagement lifecycle services will help in every step of your lifecycle stages. …more

Engagement models

Outcome driven

We believe in the success of your business. That’s why we are ready to share the risks and rewards with you through our “outcome driven” engagement model. …more

People driven

Would you like to leverage your team’s business and domain knowledge across your apps? We can dedicate a team of android,iPhone,blackberry experts for you, who would work only on your projects …more

Project driven

Got a clearly defined project and budget and would like to ensure that it stays within the budget? Our project driven engagement model could be exactly what you are looking for. …more

Task driven

Got specific tasks to be executed? Whether an extension to the existing app or fixing specific issues, we are happy to assist you in getting these tasks done efficiently without having to go through full project driven models. …more

Solution driven

Wondering how to do Google+ integration, or cloud enabling your app or getting an Oracle / SAP integration done? We have got packaged solutions for most commonly required integration and solution requirements across business and consumer apps. …more

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